Why YOU Need a Buyer’s Agent

Today’s real estate market is fraught with potential “gotcha’s” for first time buyers and repeat buyers alike.  The fact that you can “hire” the services of an EXPERIENCED and certified Buyer’s Agent like myself  FOR FREE, means you would have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with me to find and purchase your next home, apartment building or commercial building.

During the process I will handle the following tasks FOR YOU:

  • Detailed research to select properties that meet your purchase criteria
  • Arrange showings of those properties at your convenience
  • Advise you on location considerations using my 40+ years of area knowledge
  • Prepare a comparative market analysis to help you determine “the right offer” on any properties you become interested in purchasing
  • Help prepare any offers and submit those to sellers on your behalf
  • Manage ALL the inspections, repair negotiations and re-inspections
  • Help you find title insurance and escrow services to close your transaction
  • Review all escrow financial documents to ensure accuracy of figures
  • Attend the closing with you to answer questions while you review documents

ALL of these services that I will be providing will be paid for BY THE SELLER. Please, do yourself a favor and contact me BEFORE you go out house hunting.  I might be able to save you many $1000’s and reduce your headaches during the entire process!